Butters-UK New Website

Butters-UK are a leading manufacturer of welding machines in the UK – selling a variety of machines for different uses. The company contacted us about building them a new website, which we have recently completed and put live online. This website needed to be not only responsive, but had to reflect the professional image of… Continue reading Butters-UK New Website

Rebranding Your Business

Rebranding is the process of changing the corporate image of an organisation. Your branding is the identity of your business and the association’s people make when they hear your company name. Your brand identity must always closely match the culture and vision, if your business has begun to head in a different direction – it’s time… Continue reading Rebranding Your Business

Time for a new website? When is the right time to change?

With technologies ever developing and improving, and you regularly face competition in your business section, your website will inevitably need updating. But how do you know when to carry out these improvements? We have come up with some signs it might be time to change your design. It isn’t mobile friendly… These days a lot… Continue reading Time for a new website? When is the right time to change?

Conversion Rate Optimisation And Your Business

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is a process in which the layout of your website is custom-designed for visitors to complete an action. This process is making sure that possible customers are not simply visiting – but also engaging with your website. An optimised website encourages more interaction between your business and your online visitors.  This process leads to more people finding the service they need and more money for your business. Win, win for everyone – right? WHAT IS THE AIM OF CRO? A common misunderstanding of a ‘converted’ visitor is one who has completed a transaction. While this may sometimes be the case – it is not the only way in which a visitor can ‘convert’. It is important to decide the action you… Continue reading Conversion Rate Optimisation And Your Business