Butters-UK New Website

Butters-UK are a leading manufacturer of welding machines in the UK – selling a variety of machines for different uses. The company contacted us about building them a new website, which we have recently completed and put live online. This website needed to be not only responsive, but had to reflect the professional image of… Continue reading Butters-UK New Website

CBR Design Work Update

In May, we wrote this blog post talking about the design work we had completed for CBR ahead of their summer shows. This included an eight page brochure and large show stand, along with a TV slideshow of work they had undertaken. All of these products were designed with CBR’s ideas and opinions in mind, and were… Continue reading CBR Design Work Update

Effective Content Marketing

Marketers need to be excellent writers or have content marketers on their team who are brilliant with words. Writing well is an invaluable skill and an asset to every business with marketing goals. Each piece of content your business crafts (even your social media posts) need to be written by a wordsmith. Achieve unrivalled results… Continue reading Effective Content Marketing

Alliance Personnel Reputation Management

We were contacted by Alliance Personnel in September 2018 to improve their online reputation and do their Social Media Marketing. The company are a recruitment agency in Birmingham who fill roles for a variety of positions. The Social Media Marketing includes posting to both Twitter and Facebook, along with contacting companies online for lead generation… Continue reading Alliance Personnel Reputation Management

Rebranding Your Business

Rebranding is the process of changing the corporate image of an organisation. Your branding is the identity of your business and the association’s people make when they hear your company name. Your brand identity must always closely match the culture and vision, if your business has begun to head in a different direction – it’s time… Continue reading Rebranding Your Business